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Ensembl is a genome browser for vertebrate genomes that supports research in comparative genomics, evolution, sequence variation and transcriptional regulation. Ensembl annotate genes, computes multiple alignments, predicts regulatory function and collects disease data. Ensembl tools include BLAST, BLAT, BioMart and the Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) for all supported species.

Ensembl Release 112 (May 2024)

  • MANE Select (v1.2) GRCh38.p14 patch annotation
  • Human variation data updated to dbSNP156
  • Updated genome assembly and annotation for sheep and cattle
  • Regulatory annotation of open chromatin regions and promoters in common carp and rainbow trout (a collaboration with the AQUA-FAANG consortium)
  • Updated regulatory annotation, including enhancers, for pig and chicken, Atlantic salmon, European seabass and turbot

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Ensembl Rapid Release

New assemblies with gene and protein annotation every two weeks.

Note: species that already exist on this site will continue to be updated with the full range of annotations.


The Ensembl Rapid Release website provides annotation for recently produced, publicly available vertebrate and non-vertebrate genomes from biodiversity initiatives such as Darwin Tree of Life, the Vertebrate Genomes Project and the Earth BioGenome Project.

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