Retrieving sequences

Gene sequence (ENSG...)

Ensembl protein coding genes can be described as a set of splice variants resulting from alignments of cDNA and protein sequence to the genome and/or manual annotation by the Havana project. Human Ensembl genes are the GENCODE set. Read more about Ensembl genes in our help page or documentation, including noncoding genes such as ncRNA and pseudogenes.

Gene sequence view shows all possible exons highlighted and in red for all transcripts (splice variants) in one particular gene.

Find out more, including how to draw sequence variation:

Export gene sequence

To export gene sequence, click the 'Export Data' button in the left hand menu.

In the resulting window, choose 'Deselect all', which will not deselect the gene sequence.

Click 'Next' to export the sequence.

Transcript sequence (ENST...)

An Ensembl transcript is a single splice variant that can be coding or noncoding. A coding transcript is comprised of UnTranslated Region (UTR) at the 5' and 3' ends, and the CoDing sequence (CDS). To see the sequence of the UTR and CDS, you must select a splice variant, and be in the Transcript tab.

Exons and Introns

Exons view shows UTR, CDS, introns and flanking sequence for one transcript.

More about Exons view:

cDNA and protein

cDNA view shows UTR, CDS and protein for one transcript.

Customise the view using the 'Configure this page' link at the left.

More about cDNA view: